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Muay Thai

  • Tuff Sport Muay Thai TV Episode 1 - Samart Payakaroon

    Here's the first TUFFSPORT.TV episode brings you TUFF exclusive interviews with the legendary "Samart Payakaroon".

    Check out Mr. Book in "Boot Camp Book". He's having a bad day work out !! and Kru Laem shows his knee technique in the "Secret Weapon".


  • Muay Thai Legend Samart Payakaroon HighLights

    Everyone in Thailand, not only in MuayThai community, know Samart Payakaroon. He is the truely legend of MuayThai. This VDO collects all highlights from his carreer. He is the MuayThai fighter that has a very unique fighting style.

    If you dont know him, you must watch this VDO. You will get inspiration !

  • Muay Thai Evolution

    What is MuayThai? Here is a VDO that explains the evolutions of MuayThai. The clip contains the great fights from 13 legends including Samart Payakaroon, Ramon Dekkers, Saenchai, Orono, Somluck Khamsing, Yodsanklai, Buakaw Por Pramuk, Andy Souwer etc

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