TUFF Fabric Mask Red Skull ( KID )

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NEW!! TUFF 2 Layers Fabric Mask Reusable & Washable FREE!! Disposable Mask Filter

TUFF 2 Layers Fabric Mask reusable, washable and comfortable fit. The outside layer made of 100% Polyester Fabric with Sublimation Technology, completely safe for breathing. The color won’t come-off or fading after multiple washes. 

The inner layer made of 100% Natural Muslin Cotton that can protect liquid-repellent and small particles better than other fabric. Anti-dust and breathable with no skin irritation.

Kid - 18cm wide x 11cm tall

How to clean the mask

Gently hand-wash is recommended. After wash, Sun-drying with no clamp. If you want to use the dryer, please use the cool wind program. 

Once the mask is dry, it is also recommended to use low-heat ironing. Please use other cotton cloth on top of the mask. No direct ironing which will damage the mask. The mask must be washed and dried every day.

FREE!! Disposable Mask Filter for more confidence!!
The filter made of 3 layers of filter. - Can filter PM2.5 - Can filter Bacteria and Germs - Easy to breath - 100% natural