Naka & Hongsa

The Hongsa is a swan-like figure with a long and graceful neck, an extended beak, wings, and a gorgeous flowing tail. Many Thais believe that when the lotus-leaf clapper of the bell (which is often held on a long string from its beak) is moved by the breeze, prayers are lifted to heaven. 

Phaya Hong Thong The meanings here are based on beliefs to be loved by everyone. And to gain prosperity in their businesses and careers, luck, fortune, and richness.

“Naga” is a mythical serpent-like creature that originated in Hinduism from India which holds cultural significance in the mythological traditions of many Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

As a symbol, Naga is believed to be a symbol of greatness. Naga also serves as protectors and guardians of treasure—both material riches and spiritual wealth.

Yant Phraya Nak or Naga Yant. In Thai history, Naga is the king of the snake living in the Mekong River. Naga is a very powerful snake protecting the Mekong River. Naga is a symbol of power and abundance.

They believe that the rainbow is Naga. When you see the rainbow which means the Naga is connecting the earth and the heaven. Yant Phraya Nark represents kindness, popularity, luck, good fortune, and wealth.

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