TuffSport is a manufacturer and exporter specializing in Muay Thai, Boxing, and other fitness sports. TuffSport was founded in 2003. We have been with Muay Thai for over 10 years. Our factory is locating in Bangkok, Thailand. The home of Muay Thai.

We focus on producing equipment and apparel that could meet and exceed the needs of a new generation of Muay Thai fighters and other martial arts lovers.

Our goal is to make the unique and original Muay Thai and fitness products combining the traditional and authentic Thai arts with a modern and unique design to maintain the Muay Thai heritage.

" Muay Thai is not just a sport, it's a way of life "

TUFFSPORT Wholesale Partnership

- Wholesale start at 20 pcs (mixed items, sizes and designs)
- First 10 customers get extra items since the first order 
- Worldwide shipping
- FREE Shipping over 50 pcs (US and CANADA)
- Over 80+ product designs

We offer the products as following:

- Traditional Muay Thai Shorts   
- Retro Muay Thai Shorts  
- Training shirts      
- T-Shirts   
  Protection Gear      
- Hand Wraps      
- Ankles

  (Gloves, Mitts, and other training equipments are under the development. The product will be ready soon) 


If you're interested to discuss for more details (catalog and price lists), please contact us at support@tuffsport.com 





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