Color Psychology and Muay Thai Training

Color Psychology and Muay Thai Training

Color has an impact on both the mind and the body, according to behavioral scientists. It can help improve the level of energy, elevate motivation, and boost concentration. TUFF offers a variety of collections of Muay Thai shorts with different themes, shades, and tones. Let’s dive into how each color affects your Muay Thai training psychologically. 

Red is a dynamic, powerful color that is very physical. It is extremely energizing, powerful, and can also represent strength. It is observed that wearing red will inspire people to take immediate action as well as boost their confidence. Here are some examples of our best-selling red Muay Thai shorts.

TUFF Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Dragon King in Red

The classic-cut shorts are inspired by the golden era of Muay Thai in the 80s. The design of this pair of boxing shorts is, indeed, attention striking. The facial expression of the gigantic dragon shows determination and power. It is undeniable that the shorts themselves give a form of energy that the fighter needs.

TUFF Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Dragon King in Red

The classic-cut shorts are inspired by the golden era of Muay Thai in the 80s. The "DRAGON" PU text is desiged to convey the destructive power of dragons to the fighter.


Blue is frequently associated with trust and stability. It also boosts concentration and can encourage people to contribute more during training. Blue clothing appears to be a lot less heavy and less intense when compared to red objects, which could make the wearer feel calmer. Even though Muay Thai requires intense punches, kicks, and aggression, concentration and stability are also key to success.

TUFF Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Majestic Crane

This pattern is one of the newest collections. Cranes are known to mate for life, just like a person’s determination to achieve something they truly desire. They also represent immortality, purity, longevity, and good fortune. 

TUFF Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Blue War Elephant


“Elephant” or “Chang” (ช้าง) is chosen as Thailand’s national symbol. One of the key reasons is that Thai people honor the elephant’s incredible strength, durability, and longevity.  The white elephant is a symbol of royalty in Thailand because white elephants were incredibly rare and valuable. Features a hand-stitched embroidered " Chang Seuk" PU. "Chang Seuk" means a “war elephant” which is trained and guided by humans for combat. 

These blue toned-Muay Thai shorts are two of the most sought-after pairs. Make it yours!

Green is the color of harmony. It symbolizes nature, which not only relaxes the body but also is also a sign of growth. No matter the growth is physically or mentally, Muay Thai practitioners need a balance of both.  Muay Thai is known to be one of the best stress-relieving sports because it lowers levels of aggression and raises levels of self-esteem and an overall positive attitude. These are a few green Muay Thai shorts to be added to your training wardrobe. Explore some of our designer-picked green Muay Thai shorts.

TUFF Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Green Mountain Bear

“Bear” or “Mee” (หมี) is the symbol of strength and protection. Bear is a fierce warrior, especially when protecting their young. They appear to be lumbering and slow but can have lightning speed when threatened. The mountain symbolizes eternity, firmness, and stillness.

The bear is important to the concept of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of harmonizing humans with their environments. 

TUFF Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Gladiator Green Military Warrior

Inspired by the “Cingulum Militare”, an apron-like or skirt-like arrangement of leather straps, this pair of boxing shorts reflect the spirit of a gladiator to the fullest. Brave and fearless, just like a fighter. 

Pink and pastel colors are proven to help calm the mind. Pink is a softer and less intense version of red that creates a sense of compassion, love, caring, understanding and nurturing. This tone can represent your love and passion for Muay Thai. Even though the color seems feminine and sweet, but it can communicate love, playfulness, serenity, relaxation, and acceptance.

TUFF Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Pink Birds And Roses Inspired by Ancient Drawing

The pinkish boxing shorts portray two gliding birds and roses might seem sweet, but the underlying symbol of those two are not. Birds symbolize freedom and intelligence while roses can protect themselves when exposed to danger by their thorns. 


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