Do you always afraid before every fight? Here are some tips to help you conquer your fear of fighting. 

First of all, in the real fight, to control your fear, you need to have a reason to fight. The reason that you can die for it. For example, when you see someone try to attack your wife or your mom, you don't think about fear. You will fight anyone who tries to harm your loved ones. It will be him or you who dies. 

So the question is “Why you are not afraid when you fight for someone else, while you afraid when you fight for yourself ?”. Is it because yourself are not worth fighting for?. This happens when you think that you don't have to fight or you are not sure what to fight for or you fight for the wrong reason and goal. Then the fear and confusion are coming to your mind. So, what you need to do is set up your priority. The stronger your reason is, the stronger you will become when fighting.

Next, when you sparring, the common advice that you always get is “Keep doing it and you will get used to it” which is useless. You want to be better now, not next month or next year. The reason you afraid of fighting is you feel lost and confuse on the ring. You don't know how to deal with the attack you get and you can't control anything. All you can do is guarding and retreat. 

Here are our tips. You need to give your brain something to think about all the time, such as try to focus on your breathing. You don't need to worry about punching or kicking, just focus on your breath. Next, keep your eyes open all the time, try to see everything that happens around yourself. Then, try to protect yourself by keep guarding all the time no matter what happens. These are the 3 methods to keep your brain focus on breathing, seeing and guarding. 

However, you can't develop all skills at once, there are so many skills and techniques you need to learn. Your brain can't function properly when doing multi-task but it can function better when you focus on something one thing at a time. If you are not doing this, your brain is reacting to everything which confusing and caused you a defeat. 

When you are sparring, try to visualize that you are meditating. Try to focus your mind on the bell and concentrate on one skill at a time. The more you can control something, the less you afraid of everything. 

After you can focus on your breathing, seeing and guarding, you can think about tactics or attack plan one at a time. You can try to only focus on your punch or maybe you want to try some new combo. You can do anything you want but use the same method which keeps your brain focus on one thing only. If you can do this, you will transform your fear into confident eventually. 

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