Guessing Your Personality From You Fave Muay Thai Shorts

Guessing Your Personality From You Fave Muay Thai Shorts

There is no doubt your choices in all areas of life say a lot about your personality. But what about your favorite pair of Muay Thai shorts?

TUFF Muay Thai shorts was founded in 2003. The shorts are high-quality products made from microfiber fabric which is highly durable, flexible, and lightweight with various patterns and sizes for men, women, and kids. The prominent characteristic of the TUFF brand is its quick-dry qualities, which makes Muay Thai practices more comfortable and versatile.

TUFF provides an extensive range of Muay Thai shorts. The shorts are usually inspired by animals, icons, or characters that we believe represent spirited Muay Thai fighters. These 5 collections are our classics and our best sellers. We would like to do something fun to guess your personality from your favorite Muay Thai Shorts pattern.


As tigers represent strengths, power, and protection, the tigers show the sign of being fearless and determined. If your favorite pair of Muay Thai shorts is this shows that you are a stubborn person, but in a good way. You usually set your target in life and you are willing to achieve it no matter what. This personality is key to becoming a champion. To become a successful fighter, one needs to train regularly with unwavering self-reliance and concentration.


The gigantic dragon shows determination and power. The mystical beast from the land of the rising sun symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. In most traditions, it represents an untamed nature. If your favorite animal is the dragon or your fave pair of Muay Thai shorts features the dragon, you are the person who values wisdom, and the power of knowledge. You might be the person who is always eager to learn. In Muay Thai, learning is never-ending. You will always learn something new every day when training. It is not just about learning how to master the arts, but it is also about learning self-control and gaining self-esteem. 


As we all might know, the gladiator depicts bravery, confidence, courage, strength, and sacrifices. Inspired by the ancient Roman Gladiator armor and transform into Muay Thai shorts. Muay Thai fighters and Gladiators share the same honorable fighting style. It is undeniable to guess that you are a brave warrior and a confident fighter.  People who are self-confident believe they can achieve whatever success they want, and don’t let anything or anyone stand in their way. As someone who trains in Muay Thai, the more you train, the more you will become confident in your abilities and those abilities along with your confidence will contribute to your overall mental toughness.

Koi Fish:

A gigantic Japanese koi fish is believed to bring good luck to the fighter. It also symbolizes strength and leadership, which enhances the meaning of Koi fish characteristics. Apart from that, Koi fish are sensitive to changes in their environment and can easily become stressed. Learning to take control is an important quality to possess. However, once it is settled, Koi are very beautiful and lively. Someone with control is not affected by minor ups and downs in life. This quality becomes even more important in Muay Thai training. People with a strong sense of control are more relaxed in everyday life and this translates on the mat or in the ring. Being in control helps you to stay calm, allowing you to think clearer and work better under pressure, which is extremely important as a fighter.


The little colorful birds that are printed on the shorts might seem fragile, however, when times pass by, their experience teaches them to survive through tough times. Similar to Muay Thai training, fighters should be optimistic and willing to strive through the training journey. If you love birds, it does not only show that you are an optimistic person who looks forward to brighter days, but it also demonstrates that you are not afraid to embrace failure. People who are mentally strong, don’t give up after a loss, or after something doesn’t go their way. Mentally tough people continue regardless of the challenges they face. Accept that failures will happen in life and in training. Some days, fights, and training sessions will be more difficult than others. A person who is psychologically tough simply keeps going.


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